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- We don't make a reservations for a rental periods that are less than 24 h.

- We charge from 20 to 40 % of the rental price for reservation.

- The amount you have paid and we have received for the reservation will be deducted from the rental price.

- There is no refund of the amount paid for the reservation in case of cancellation or if you do not show up for the reservation.

- All riders must be able to operate a vehicle,and they have to have a valid documents to rent one.

- We do not provide a refund for a customer if they are unable to operate the vehicle.(lack of experience with scooters or driving manual shifted cars)

- We reserve the right to delay or cancel any confirmed reservation due to unforeseen circumstances.

- In that case customer can choose between these options

   Return of deposit money paid for reservation. 

   Extra rent time free of charge for short delays

   Free of charge rent for cancellations that client is not responsible for 

- We advise you to make a reservation on time so you don't have to worry is there going to be any scooters or bikes left for you when you arrive on the island. wink