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  • While driving always keep it closer to the right side of your lane, so that other vehicles that are faster than you can overtake you in a safer and easier way.
  • Don"t drive too fast ,especially while driving thru curves
  • Don"t drive with a full throttle while going downhill,you wont go any faster because scooters have speed restrictions,you are only wasting your fuel for nothing and getting yourself in danger
  • Constantly scan the road looking for hazards
  • Cover your brakes, Be ready to stop
  • Check the road surface. Oil, gravel,dust,potholes,water on the road can be dangerous while driving on two wheels
  • Ensure your indicators are off after every turn.
  • Mirrors and head checks
  • Car drivers dont mind much about scooter or bikes on the road ,so you have to think for them and for yourself ...even if you have advantage by the traffic rules be very carefull and be prepared to brake or turn in the case of any danger
  • Most common reason for accidents is following up to close to the vehicle ahead
  • Use both front and rear brakes at the same time if you want to stop your scooter.
  • If you want to just slow down a bit while driving ,use rear brake.
  • Use brakes very gently especially if raining or on slippery,dusty surface.
  • When going down a steep hill, do not stay on the brakes on all the time, this can cause the brakes to overheat
  • Accelerate steadily by turning the right handlebar. Scooters don’t like sudden movements, they like progressive and steady.
  • Be especially aware of the traffic from behind.
  • Ride only on smooth hard surfaces. Scooters are not designed to be used in off road conditions.
  • Use caution when rolling over obstacles.               
  • And now a few before you start driving tips
  • You want to give your motorbike a quick inspection and practice drive before leaving the moped rental shop. Check the wheels and tires for cuts, take photos of any scratches already present on the bike and inform the shop staff if you find anything wrong, and then give it a quick spin around the block to check it works.
  • Always wear a helmet and always oblige your passenger to wear one too.
  • Don’t listen to music through ear-pods on a scooter. Your sense of hearing can be a lifesaver on the road.
  • If your helmet is not equipped with a face shield, wear goggles or glasses with plastic lenses to protect your eyes against insects, wind, dirt, rocks, or other airborne matter.
  • Avoid driving small children on the scooters ,it is even not legal to drive them on the scooters if kids are under 12 years old .


  • Don't even think about it! It's outright wrong. If you have a couple of drinks lock the scooter and pick it up tomorrow..
      Now that you know some great tips on renting a scooter , don’t be afraid to go out and explore the world on two wheels!
      It could become the greatest adventure you have ever undertaken. Enjoy your ride, but stay safe to ride another day.