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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to rent a scooter?

You should be 18+, you need a valid proper license for the scooter you want to rent (check the requirements in the scooter specification), and you need a valid document (passport or ID) to leave as a deposit after signing the rental contract. And the most important thing is previous experience in driving a scooter.

Why should i rent a scooter ?

Scooters are a great urban means of transport. Additionally, scooters are very economical in terms of fuel consumption with rates from 3l/100km. Finally, (last but not least!) parking is simple and easy. You can find a spot literally everywhere!Economic, flexible and free of stress.

Can i leave island with your vehicles?

You can leave island only with cars and you have to let us know about it before you do so . Scooters and all other vehicles should stay on the island ..

I have a car driver’s license. Which scooters can I drive?

You can drive scooter with 50ccm engine.

What does “basic third-party insurance” mean? What does it cover?

Third party insurance is a compulsory insurance for every vehicle on the road. It means that the damages you may cause to other parties (vehicles, objects, people, etc.) are covered. It does not cover the damages you may suffer (injuries, medical expenses) or any eventual damage to the scooter.You are liable for the full commercial value of any eventual damage on the scooter.

Is there a full risk insurance available?

No. We do not provide full risk insurance.

What happens if the scooter/moto is damaged?

  Renter  is responsible for any damage caused to the Scooter or equipment(helmets,top case ect.)during the rental period, including damage caused by other cars while the scooter is parked. It is the responsibility of the Renter to park the Scooter in a manner that eliminates, or at least greatly reduces, the possibility of contact with other vehicles.So you have to pay for any damage on the scooter except damages resulting from a traffic accident for which you are not responsible.

What happens in case of the accident?

There is a golden rule: stay calm; be polite and be objective; request police assistance by the emergency number 112. Call one of our phone numbers and we will guide you through all the procedure. Every scooter’s document case, has a form that needs to be filled in (European Accident Statement form) in case of accident. This is extremely important for insurance purposes. If you had an accident that happend with your own fault and nobody is seriously injured and there is no major damage on the scooter you can call us to pick you up ,or if you are able continue with your trip.

Do you supply GPS navigation systems?

No. We do not have GPS navigation systems. We consider that driving a scooter motorcycle requires concentration from the driver, on the road. And we don’t want to take that attention away from you. But you are free to install your own hold for your smartphone or GPS, if you have one.

Do you provide any directions, after we rent the scooter/moto?

Yes. We will point out every attraction we think you would like to see and the routes that you should take to get there.Our goal is that you enjoy your time with our vehicles so you will get a free map of the island from us if you need one.

How much weight can I carry in the top-case?

Scooters can holds an optional top-case on the back. The top-case has a capacity of 25l and a recommended weight carry of 5kg.

What type of fuel do the scooters take?

All scooter take Unleaded 95 petrol.


A refundable deposit is needed when picking up the vehicle.

Can i go offroad with scooters or any other of your vehicles?

No,driving a scooter/bike/or e scooter on non-paved dirt roads is strictly prohibited..there is no insurance at all on non-paved roads,scooters are not dirt bikes so they are not made for that purpose (there can be technical issues due to harmful dust inhalation to the engine),scooter or any other vehicle is going to be dirty. But most important reason why we dont allow going off the road is your own trust us it is not worth it.. At the end you can lose your deposit for going off road so it is cheaper and safer to stay on regular/paved roads./


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card.